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City of San Fernando Branch

(045) 455 5453 | (0915) 665 9739 | (0949) 337 0859

Angeles City Branch

(0918) 551 9902 | (0917) 944 7000

ICYMI, here’s a peek of all our bestseller and new dishes.

We now have 5 flavors of the Carribean Cart and more varieties of our flavored Chicken.


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Chick’en Claw has been established as a PREMIERE FAMILY ASIAN RESTAURANT destination IN THE COUNTRY’S CULINARY CAPITAL. A restaurant that offers authentic and specialized delectable MEALS. Chick’en Claw takes pride in using the best ingredients to create scrumptious dishes that will satiate your Asian best dishes craving.

Our signature crispy fried chicken is individualized in 5 freshly creations, perfected in our own unique seasoning. Experience, one of its kind.